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What I Wish I Knew When Starting Affiliate Marketing Business : Beginner Advice

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What I Wish I Knew When Starting Affiliate Marketing Business : Beginner Advice

In this video, I'll share some of the tips that I wish I knew when starting affiliate marketing business.

1. Embrace Delayed Gratification: One need to accept that it will take some time to see results because when we start with massive expectations and when we don't see the results we tend to give up. This is super importatant to accept delayed gratification and keep taking actions.

2. Don't Jump On Paid Ads, if you don't have enough budget: If you are not aware about paid advertisement and have low budget, I would recommend you to stick with free traffic strategies and use the money in educating yourself.

3. Take Massive Imperfect Action: There is so much information online, its very easy to get overwhelmed and not take action. Instead of consuming content start producing content. No matter, how imperfect it is in the beginning, it will get better.

4. Power List: This is To-do list, when starting out it is important to make list of things that need to performed. In the list be specific as you can. This will increase your productivity.

5. Focus on one Marketing Strategy: It is important to stick with one marketing strategy, if you start doing multiple things at a time before achieving the specified goal, you will be doing everything but in end it comes back to square one again.

6. Build Your List: If you are just starting out, then you must start building your list from day one. You will realize the importance of list in your journey. The list is your online asset and you will have the complete ownership of it.

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What I Wish I Knew When Starting Affiliate Marketing Business : Beginner Advice

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