These 12 simple Twitter growth hacks will 10x your Twitter followers, retweets and overall engagement.

Here are the 12 twitter marketing tips that will dramatically boost engagement.

#1 Like tweets as often as possible

This one of the Twitter basics that we all need to do. It only takes a couple of minutes each day to like 30+ tweets of other profiles. This is one of the best Twitter tricks used by the pros.

#2 Like tweets that have hashtags of your target audience.

This is where you go from a Twitter for beginners tutorial and make your way to the advanced section. Since my target audience on Twitter is bloggers, I focus on the #blogging.

#3 Like Twitter tweets that have mentions of Twitter users that have a similar audience to yours.

This is another one of the many Twitter marketing tips that the pros live by. All you have to do is perform a search for the username and then go through and like those tweets.

#4 Create a Twitter list of people to target.

This is a great way to get more Twitter followers. As you add people to your list, they are going to get a notification showing that you added them to a list. Most will return the favor by following you.

#5 Email your list and let them know you will retweet any nice mentions.

This is one of the most effective Twitter strategies out there. It drives engagement and gives you a bunch of testimonials to use.

#6 Pin your best tweet to the top.

From all the Twitter tips and tricks in this video, this is probably the easiest to implement.

#7 Embed your tweets at the bottom of blog posts.

If you are using Twitter for business, then this is a great way to increase Twitter engagement.

#8 Pin Twitter card to profile.

This is another great social media trick that will get people to engage with your Twitter profile.

#9 Create image quotes to tweet out.

This has been one of the top Twitter marketing tips for many years now, and it continues to pay dividends.

#10 Place links 25% of the way into your tweet.

This will help your tweets drive more clicks.

#11 Talk about Twitter in your tweets.

People love to retweet anything about Twitter.

#12 Tweet infographics often.

There are few tweets that drive engagement like the infographic tweet.

I hope you have enjoyed all 12 of my favorite twitter marketing tips and tricks.

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33 Replies to “Twitter Marketing Tips and Tricks for 2018: A Quick Twitter Tutorial for Beginners and Business”

  1. This video when it starts gets straight to the point and me personally I like about 200 people that use similar hashtags .

    1. I use twitter and as simple as that sound it works I been able to build a list of 1,000 people on twitter and was able to turn some into business partners .

  2. You know what I did not know about making a list on Twitter I know Twitter is really popular how do you use periscope which is owned by twitter ❓

  3. Brandon I know you talk about it but can you give me more examples of what a pin money tweet is I need better understanding thank you

    1. AshleyRoberts to be honest it makes sense the way he said it but I understand what you mean he should make a video about it

  4. Pin your best post to the top to get the most engagement I can do that thanks for the helpful video 🎥

  5. I like the part in the video about buffer I use buffer to automate my Twitter and I’m also glad I found this video thank you again 🤘

  6. This video is just amazing knowing that I use twitter to connect with my fans and this video is pure genius .

    1. Thank you very much for the feedback, and good luck with growing your Twitter following.

  7. Great video. I like your slides. They make it easy for me to grasp the essence of your recommendations… and congrats to reaching 1k subscribers… I am still on my way 😉

    1. +Dennis Schultz its not even good for business…like i m using is most easy n effective….i m going to start selling my art soon…..
      Fb n twitter is not even close to insta….youtube is good but its not easy…it takes lot of effort….
      Its my suggestion..use 1 or 2 platforms ..but with full dedication😊

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