This webinar presents everything you need to know about SEO to rank well on Google and get organic traffic in 2019. We break down Google's guidelines for page quality and how we can apply them in a practical way on our websites.

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35 Replies to “The Complete Guide to SEO in 2019 (Full Webinar)”

  1. Its funny listening to all the gurus online talk about SEO after following you guys. What a bunch of know nothing hucksters they are.

    1. There is a lot more to SEO than this, it’s just not important for a single-topic 50-page affiliate blog site

    2. Lewiebot – I somewhat agree. Certainly if you have a massive site with thousands of articles there is a lot of technical SEO to be aware of. However, even on sites like Improve photography that are huge, I still spend 95% of my time working on these same fundamentals.

  2. I just wanted to say that I’ve been trying to think of a way to earn a living, even just a small one, from the Internet since about the year 2002! Every time I’ve tried to do that and tried to research how to do it I’ve been met with a wall of spam, confusion and BS so I didn’t bother. I keep returning to the idea though and this year I’ve progressed further than ever before by actually buying a domain name and host. However, it wasn’t until I found your channel that I’ve really been encouraged and thought ‘yeah, I can do this, this is going to work.’

    You come across as authentic, warm, genuine and funny. I really wanted to join you live on the webinar but I was so engrossed actually writing my first 2000 word article for my website that I forgot! I actually enjoyed writing it because it felt good to use my brain again and research a topic I’m actually interested in, want to write about and I want to provide my visitors with great content. So thanks so much and please keep doing what you’re doing because you’re pretty unique in this area, you actually help!

    1. hi, I know how you feel its only this week I have worked out how to actually make money online, you have to focus on the business aspect and work ethic, Ive followed every guru over the years lol, if u want to chat email me justind71 at gmail dot com, good luck!

    2. The thing with a lot of other guys on YouTube is that they fake a lot of what they say and do, and these guys are pretty much OK.
      I have team of freelancers and I outsource things that people won’t do themselves, so I know these guys will do most of their things themselves, or at least get as involved as possible, hence the success.

  3. ARGH! I missed this live even though I signed up! Thank you to you fine gentlemen for posting this to your channel so slackers like myself can view after the event!

  4. I can’t understand why you guys don’t have 24 million subs instead of only 24 thousand. This is GOLD! Thanks for all you share!

  5. Really nice guys! I think is the first time I see a whole SEO video and don’t fall asleep 😉 Will check your website and more videos for sure. Thanks for the content! 👏🏻

  6. Thanks everybody for the support. Our channel is growing SOO fast right now! Sorry we got off to a little slow start on this video. You won’t miss much if you start at 2:42 Also, sorry for low resolution. Most of our videos are uploaded in 4k, but this was a Youtube Live and I live in the country with mediocre internet, so it was the best we could do.

    1. This was really great. Thanks for the notes file! You should mark it in the desc with “tl;dr” :). Thanks so much guys, I subscribed because of this video.

  7. Fortunately, I’ve been on to writing rich content since 2012 when my search rankings shot through the roof for a swathe of client sites overnight after the Hummingbird algo. Love hearing your no B.S and zero #guruspin approaches with light value. Good stuff guys you’re right on to it

  8. I just found you guys and I have to concur with what most everyone else is saying on your comments in so many of your videos – that you guys are truly a breath of fresh air – honest – no BS SEO and I’m loving it.
    I do have a question. Do you guys use any program to keep track of how your websites are ranking?
    I’m currently using SEO Profiler and it works fine – but it’s not inexpensive (for sure).
    Any help would be appreciated!
    Thanks again for these most AMAZING videos!!!
    I can’t wait to join Project 24 (hoping to start in January)

  9. One of my websites is in a small niche and is the ONLY authority website dedicated to information about a particular place here in Fuerteventura. It gives information on the beaches, bars, restaurants, what to do etc. I can just about get on the 1st page of Google for some keywords, but only at the bottom, because companies like Tripadvisor and AirBnB dominate those keywords. They are obviously cheating the system as they aren’t authority sites on my niche yet Google seems to allow it. It is very frustrating.

    1. Hi JP, I’m working on a project in Spain which may help your website. Do you have an email address or ig page I can contact ?

    2. If you click on my name it will take you to my channel and you will find an email address in the about section Eric

    3. Can you share the url of that page, I’m working on a similar page in El Salvador in a very touristic place and I’m looking for ideas how to make the most of it

    4. Salvatore, if you just do a search on Google for “el cotillo fuerteventura” it will be the first one with ElCotillo in the domain name.

  10. sorry, another quick comment. I agree. I dislike logging on a site and needing to scroll to the bottom just to get the answer. Worse yet, I hate when a video says,

    speaker: “wait until the end to get the 5 best tricks”

    me: “hmmm, ok, well, I’ll just fast forward to the end”

    Thank you boys for being up front.

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