SEO For Beginners: 3 Powerful SEO Tips to Rank #1 on Google in 2019

SEO For Beginners: 3 Powerful SEO Tips to Rank #1 on Google in 2019

Are you new to SEO and want to rank #1 on google this upcoming year? Here are 3 SEO strategies that will boost your rankings!

#1: Focus on content
Google has this update called Hummingbird, and with Hummingbird, websites who just have content on everything won't do as well as sites which focus on one single niche and are super thorough.

You want to be VERY thorough with your SEO content. Poke holes in your content and fill them all up, so then that way people are like, "This is the end all site "that you should end up reading "if you're interested in dating online."

#2: Optimize your title tag and your meta description
Have you ever done a Google search, and noticed that every time you do it, there is this link at the top, and then there's this one sentence with a link at the top is called the title tag.

And the description below is called the meta description.

Now think of it this way, if you search for the phrase online dating, and you don't see the word online dating in neither the title or the description, are you going to click on the result?

Well if you are, there's something wrong, because why would you click on a result that isn't related to what you're looking for?

In addition to that, have you ever searched for a term like online dating? And have you ever noticed that the word isn't in the title or description?

That's because Google tracks who's clicking on what listing, and they've learned that when a keyword is in the listing, that same keyword that you're searching for, they know you're way more likely to click through.

So in your title tag and your meta description, make sure you include the keyword. But you can't just add the keyword, "online dating," right?

The easiest way and what I would do and I wish it was this simple; I will just put "online dating, online dating, online dating, online dating."

If I could put it 20 times so people would know that the article is on online dating, I wish I would get more clicks.

But it's not that simple.

Yes you have to include the keyword in your title and your description, but it has to be appealing. If it doesn't flow in a sentence, it's not easy to read, and it's not appealing or evoking curiosity, no one is gonna click through.

#3: Use Google Search Console

Did you know that Google gives you a tool that teaches you how to rank number one on Google?

Yes I know that sounds ridiculous but it is true, and it's called Google Search Console.

If you're not already a user of it, sign up.

It doesn't cost a dollar. You're missing out if you're not using it.

I can't emphasize that enough. So now that you're using Google Search Console…give it a few days because it takes some time to populate data. You'll see a screen that shows Search Analytics and this shows you all the pages on your website that are getting you traffic. But the cool thing about Google Search Console is they also show you which articles are getting impressions.

Take all the keywords you're getting impressions for and start adding them to your copy.

Now we have an article on Instagram, and it teaches you how to get over 300 targeted Instagram followers per day.

The article is around 10,000 words. When I first wrote that article, it wasn't 10,000 words, it was roughly 2,500.

I went to Google Search Console, I saw all the people that are searching for terms related to the article, I added them within that article. I made it more thorough and you know what?

My SEO traffic more than tripled to that article. Yes it is that simple. And when I made that change, it didn't happen right away, but I noticed the results within 50 days. That's not a long time.

Now that you've learned these three tips, I challenge you in which I want you to take these tactics and implement them, and then after you implement them, in the next 45 days I want you to leave a comment with your results. Because if you're not doing well, that means I'm not happy.

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52 thoughts on “SEO For Beginners: 3 Powerful SEO Tips to Rank #1 on Google in 2019

    1. That’s like saying “why does everyone drive cars? what happened to the horse and buggy?” The internet is more effective at reaching the masses and advertising your product. Super simple concept.

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  4. Hey Neil. I’ve been watching you vids for a week and managed to triple my impressions over the last weekend. I also managed to get my events page from number 5 spot on the first page to the “answer” box (position 0) ! It’s still at number 5 also, I just added snippets and better keywords. Seeing my impressions skyrocket now. Thanks so much! -Matt

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  6. Hello Neil. I wonder if I can ask a question. I have seen your videos that discuss SEO and having external links on a website. I have 3 ecommerce websites all related to gifts, but different types of gifts on each site, so not competing with each other. I am thinking of adding links to each of my websites on the bottom of every product page. Eg on the first website adding a bit of text and the link to the other 2 websites. I will be adding some text like โ€œdid you know we have two sister websites?โ€ Then give a quick overview of each of the sites and the link, which would open in a new tab when clicked. Do you think this is a good idea? Do you suggest doing this on any other page too? Thank you so much in advance.

    1. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, Sonia. It can actually help you build your brand by showing all of the properties you own. Good luck!

    2. Thank you Neil. I really appreciate your prompt response as I know you must be incredibly busy! I will crack on then. Thank you again for all your insightful videos. I am totally new to all this but have learnt so much from you already. Have a great day.

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  10. These tactics work really well. I’ve been building my articles using these three steps for a while, and each article gains content, improves search engine results, and continues to move up as I add more content. Thanks a bunch, Neil.

  11. This dude shares valuable info. For free. And on top of that, he manages to reply to most comments. For free. I guess God bless him?

  12. Good advice, but I don’t think dating is easier these days haha. Maybe “hooking up” with strangers, but establishing meaningful relationships is harder when the attention span of people is rapidly decreasing.

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