Pinterest Ads Tutorial 2018 – How to Set Up Pinterest Advertising Traffic Campaigns

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Check out our Pinterest Ads tutorial updated for 2018. We show you how to set-up Pinterest Advertising traffic campaigns to drive conversions, revenue, and sales for your business. Our Paid Pinterest Marketing tutorial will help you set-up campaigns targeting interests, audiences, and keywords. We try to help you learn Pinterest ads campaigns, costs, strategies, tips, and best practices whether you want to drive leads or if you have an ecommerce business.

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Pinterest Ads Audiences Tutorial:

In our Pinterest Ads Audiences and Remarketing Tutorial video, we go through how to create audiences for your ads campaigns. Some of the audience options include email list audiences, website visitors, Pinterest engagement audiences, and Pinterest actalike audiences. You can then target any of the audiences you created in your campaigns, which is a great option and a great way to reach targeted customers.

How to Confirm Your Website on Pinterest:

In our Pinterest Ads website confirmation video, we show you how to connect your website with Pinterest. If you connect your website with Pinterest, you will be able to see how much traffic your Pins drive to your website, how much engagement your website Pins get, and more information.

Video Description:

In our Pinterest ads tutorial, we show you how to set-up traffic campaigns for your website. Our goal is to give you a strategy and best practices so you can drive the best results for your business.

The first thing you need to do is upload Pinterest Pins to your profile. You want to make sure you fill out Pin descriptions and a landing page URL so people can see your products or services when they click through your Pin. We uploaded our Pins and we will be putting 2 pins in each ad group so we can test and optimize our campaigns.

We then select to Create a new Pinterest ads campaign and choose traffic as our objective. You can start by setting daily budgets and campaign budgets to control your spending. You can also choose your placements between Search and Browse. Browse means that your Promoted Pins will show when people are going through their Pinterest main page or browsing through Pins. Search Promoted Pins will show up when people search for your keywords. We are choosing Search for this example but you can choose both if you wish.

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