Check out our Pinterest Ads tutorial updated for 2018. We show you how to set-up Pinterest Advertising traffic campaigns to drive conversions, revenue, and sales for your business. Our Paid Pinterest Marketing tutorial will help you set-up campaigns targeting interests, audiences, and keywords. We try to help you learn Pinterest ads campaigns, costs, strategies, tips, and best practices whether you want to drive leads or if you have an ecommerce business.

Helpful URLs:

Pinterest Ads Audiences Tutorial:

In our Pinterest Ads Audiences and Remarketing Tutorial video, we go through how to create audiences for your ads campaigns. Some of the audience options include email list audiences, website visitors, Pinterest engagement audiences, and Pinterest actalike audiences. You can then target any of the audiences you created in your campaigns, which is a great option and a great way to reach targeted customers.

How to Confirm Your Website on Pinterest:

In our Pinterest Ads website confirmation video, we show you how to connect your website with Pinterest. If you connect your website with Pinterest, you will be able to see how much traffic your Pins drive to your website, how much engagement your website Pins get, and more information.

Video Description:

In our Pinterest ads tutorial, we show you how to set-up traffic campaigns for your website. Our goal is to give you a strategy and best practices so you can drive the best results for your business.

The first thing you need to do is upload Pinterest Pins to your profile. You want to make sure you fill out Pin descriptions and a landing page URL so people can see your products or services when they click through your Pin. We uploaded our Pins and we will be putting 2 pins in each ad group so we can test and optimize our campaigns.

We then select to Create a new Pinterest ads campaign and choose traffic as our objective. You can start by setting daily budgets and campaign budgets to control your spending. You can also choose your placements between Search and Browse. Browse means that your Promoted Pins will show when people are going through their Pinterest main page or browsing through Pins. Search Promoted Pins will show up when people search for your keywords. We are choosing Search for this example but you can choose both if you wish.

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34 Replies to “Pinterest Ads Tutorial 2018 – How to Set Up Pinterest Advertising Traffic Campaigns”

  1. Please leave a comment if you have any questions about Pinterest Advertising campaigns. Thank you for watching our videos!

    1. Hi, I have a question about your key words, it is my understanding that with Google Adwords, when a key word is added as a phrase match it covers both the singular and plural form of that word. Example, you added “farmhouse sink” then “farmhouse sinks”, usually I would just think to add the singular version.

    2. Are you taking customers at this time? I’d really like to run an ad campaign but want to make sure it is done properly the first time so I’m not wasting money. How much do you charge? Thanks

  2. So then how does it work when the ad gets clicked? Does the campaign get charged when they click and see the Pinterest ad or when they actually click through into the webpage?

    1. Great question, It depends on your Pinterest Ad Campaign objective. For traffic campaigns, it’s a cost-per-click basis just like Google AdWords where you set your bid and only pay when someone clicks on your ad. For engagement campaigns, it’s a cost-per-click basis but you pay for every engagement (Close-ups, Pin saves, Comments, Clicks) on your Pin. And for Awareness campaigns, you set a CPM bid and pay for impressions. You have a lot of control because if you set a $0.25/click bid for a traffic campaign, you might be limited on volume but the highest you will pay per click will be $0.25.

    2. Either thanks for the response and please keep putting out your content because I am able to learn it so much better the way you teach it.

  3. I was wondering if your conversion tracking within Pinterest is showing properly at the keyword level when you look at keyword targeting. Mine doesn’t seem to be reporting every conversion. In fact it’s only reporting a small percentage.

  4. Very helpful video, thanks for posting! One question – I’m using the Google Analytics links you mentioned for my client’s promoted pin’s and we’ve generated about 2500 clicks so far, but no sales. The items they sell are $5-$50 so it seems like we should have had a few sales by now. They typically get a much higher conversion rate from Facebook and Instagram. After watching your video, I’m worried that my client may not have conversion tracking set up on their site. Do you know of any way to verify this in Google analytics or Pinterest?

    1. Thank you! With that many clicks and a low-price point for products there are likely some sales coming through from Pinterest Ads. I have a few ideas below you can try to find the conversion data.

      You can check in Google Analytics by going to Conversions > Ecommerce > Overview or Conversions > Goals > Overview to see if they have conversion tracking set-up. Since you’re using the Google Analytics tracking URLs, try going to Acquisition > Campaigns > All Campaigns in Analytics, that should pull in all the details from your campaign. Lastly, you can see your total traffic from different social media channels by going to Acquisition > Social > Network Referrals.

      Otherwise in Pinterest, if you hover over the ‘Ads’ link at the top, you can click Conversion Tracking from the drop-down menu and that will show all of the conversions you’re tracking. They also have a ‘Reporting [Early Access]’ from the same drop-down. If you click on that and then scroll to the bottom, it should have a list of your Active campaigns. The Drop-Down automatically says ‘Columns: Delivery’ for me but if you switch it to ‘Columns: Performance’ it will pull in all conversion data.

  5. Thank you for show us step by step. I have a question?
    1. How can you do 1:3:1?
    1 campaign 3 ad set 1 ad
    2. How can you scale the adset?
    can we duplicated or increase budget?
    If we increase budget does the algorithm change ?

  6. Great video my friend. I have watched it. Now I’ll try it. In minute 8:34… how did you especially connected the Google analytics with the campaign url builder. I’m using shopify where I’ve set up the Google analytics. Does it get verified automatically by using my shopify url? Or how should I connect them.
    Another point is that I got a message that the url builder page is not trustful. I’m very scared wether my customer will see this notification when everything is set up. Where could i check it wether it works the correct way?

    Thank you. Big likes to your video

  7. Just a quick question; I’m created the link via the link creator you showed in the video but I’m unable to see the Pinterest link in my google analytics. How can I track whether Pinterest got me any sales or not because my Shopify store doesn’t show that?

  8. This is a helpful video, thank you. You mentioned that you have a separate video for Google’s campaign url builder. I was unable to find it. would you happen to have the link? thanks

  9. I’m a little confused with why there are three spots with putting in the pricing for advertising. If you do a lifetime amount of how much you want to spend.. does this include the auction amounts or is this a separate thing and a separate charge??

  10. I believe I have gone through all of these steps correctly, but on my campaign, it says $0 spent and it’s been about a week and I had a really high bid. Do you have any ideas why this may have happened?

  11. Right. Not sure if its the new ad manager, but I’ve definitely selected ad group and can’t see my keywords list even when clicking on it. It’s always either no data available; OR “Please select an ad group” and for sure there are running campaigns as well as a single ad group on the current account.

  12. If you’re targeting ads in Canada maybe you could target French speaking as well because it is a very strong language there.

  13. If you notice your pinterest ad doing well, is there any rule of thumb on how much you should increase your budget at a time. For example, I know on facebook if you up your ad spend on a specific ad too quickly, you get penalized. Is that the same for pinterest?

  14. Quick question. I keep on getting ‘Something went wrong. Please try again’ every time I tried to set up an ad for practice. This is where the page when you select your currency. Is this available to all countries. I’m from the Philippines. Thank you.

    1. I know it’s not available to all countries but I’m not positive what the list of available countries is now. I tried to find it, but you can try contacting them directly.

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