Mantak Chia: "We have a second brain" . Do this to activate the second brain.
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95 Replies to “Mantak Chia: Techniques to Activate The Second Brain”

  1. We tend to forget our link with nature and with our inner-self. This is why such podcasts are more than welcomed. Excellent idea to share this!

    1. +Luke B GENIUS!!!
      and you make it sound so damn simple. I feel like I need to hide my happy because that must mean I’m up to no good. Get back to work!!!!! Come on get happy!!!!!

  2. the second brain? That’s the one they remove in schools and universities, you spend the rest of your life looking for it.

    1. Yes,,,PC, homosexual politics, feminism and the rise of anti-semitism….is making us dumber and wimpier with each passing generation….

    2. In schools they rename indoctrination to education. In healthcare they rename poisoning into curing and treatment with side effects. All legitimate government sponsored and controlled institutes are places strategically to destroy human health and mind to prepare next generation for future enslavement. How long before we realize government isn’t there to serve us, but to control us. We are so dependent on it that we clinch to it like a mother’s breast. Electricity, food, roads, on and on. None of us have been or ever will be independent adults from birth till death. We have been enslaved a long time ago and still don’t realize it.

    3. +Joey Virgo I have helped to open my third eye by drinking fresh beet, carrot, lemon, and apple juice every day for 2 years. Also taking iodine/iodide with vitamin C, and intermittant fasting. Another thing I will be trying is Haritaki every night before bed. Quit drinking flouride water, and using flouride toothpaste. My third eye really opened up after throwing the flouride toothpaste away. We don’t realize how much of that gets soaked through the mouth tissues. It is horrible.

    4. Roxann Huffman : You’re saying that governments target your pineal gland. Well, maybe. There’re a lot of things we are not privy to, thanks to all the secretive governmental manoeuvres by the warmongers. The American government is in shutdown at the moment, people are not getting paid, but they give billions of dollars to other important pseudo governments. How do you make sense of that? Turn off the television is the best way to wash out the residual brainwashing (it’s psychological).

  3. Science catches up with what we already know.

    The gut is a second brain.

    Oh the heart btw is another brain. There are others.

    *Sits back and waits for science to catch up again. *

    1. Most people’s second brain is smarter than the first. In fact, the most intelligent people on the earth can lack common sense which is their second brain. It is sometimes hard for them to disconnect their ever turning brains and focus on nothingness which leads to wisdom coming from a source not their own which is the second brain. Quit brushing your teeth with flouride toothpaste and you will become smarter in both your first and second brains. Otherwise to answer your question, what happens? Well, you risk your own extinction. That is my answer.

  4. I just did the stress/digestion exercise demonstrated in the video and for the first time today my stress level is low. That tightness is gone as well as the pressure and my back stopped hurting. I caught myself looking for it and noticed that it wasn’t there anymore:) I wonder how much of my stress is caused simply because I now expect it to be present for every situation:) as opposed to stress caused by an exam/ presentation . Thanks for the video !

    Furthermore, once again I just caught myself thinking about my finals, but for once it was accompanied by rational thought instead of emotion and anxiety. Maybe it’s about giving myself the permission to feel something other than anxiety or tension?

  5. Fun fact: 
    There is russian saying that translates like “You are already in my liver” and means “I can’t stand you anymore”

    1. To add to this i have two examples the first being “the windy city” CHIcago, the second a legendary radio host by name of Star goes by “the hater” he also goes by the hater, whats his relation, has had to have his liver transplanted due to his excessive drinking but im sure his hateful spirit helped that after watching this just absolutely amazing, learn something new everyday.

  6. 🌹The most important aspect eating healthy, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and trace minerals supplements. Only then will these techniques work the best because you have the hardware the building blocks for the energy to go through. You must eat healthy. Search dr. Wallach.

    1. +elite hosting now I’m finding alot of conflicting results regarding health and diet intake. Dr.Jordan Peterson and his daughter who both struggled with various health problems swear on a carnivore diet and if you see them now compared to a couple years ago. It’s a night a day difference in their appearance. They visually appear MUCH healthier and they claim to be no longer suffering any health issues and off all medications. So I’m almost wondering if maybe diets are not the same for everyone?

    2. +RoNi KuSh Yes, I fast for the first half of a day several days a week. And that includes from 6pm the night before to about 2 pm the next day. If you do that a couple times a week, it really helps.

    3. +Alex To jordan peterson has much to offer but he is an intellectual and not knowledgeable about the health of our bodies.

    4. How our bodies react with certain foods could have something to do with ancestry and the diets they thrived on earlier in history. So optimal eating for the Petersons might be a carnivore diet. Wooly mammoths for breakfast lunch and dinner… just my theory. 😁

    1. Gotta learn to ignore others, better yet forgive them for their ignorance in your head and move along

    2. Meka Mom anon said it best. Know thyself. The opinions and judgements of others become dust once you are aware of yourself.

    3. Christian Moreira It is just a fact we discovered after long research. Medications were of no use. God always gives good for good. Not to worry.

  7. This might be placebo, but I don’t care. I feel like this actually works. It’s kinda like waking up from a coma; or at least what you imagine that’d be like. I got so much energy again now. It’s like being a kid all over again. Being able to just run & move absolutely effortlessly. It’s like you turn the key on your life’s clock & therefore make it tick quicker; almost like you are living life normally with everyone else in slowmo. I will do these breathing techniques every morning now.. 😀

    1. Which portion of the clip did you reference for breathing techniques that seen to have really helped you? His advice wasn’t given in a linear fashion so he’d diverge from the numerical counts and physical instructions reccomended at different points throughout the video.

    2. I hate to tell you actually I don’t 1/3 of people in the hospitals heal them selves from placebo.. it’s positive energy the counter part is nocebo you can literally make yourself sick with any disease by thinking about it..research ot

    3. +hexlgaming the power of consciously resting your body instead of sleeping. Meditation is our most powerful tool.

    4. No placebo at the very least the brain getting more oxygen should help, blood cells getting oxgygen is a form of cheating for athletes, so it’s like a natural power up practicing these things, and shoot like you said if it just a brain trick who cares those can be great haha bullet wound surviors and non survivors can often be separated solely by mental strength

  8. This works incredibly well! they have thousands of years of experience with these things and they know what they’re doing. There’s a tribe in Africa that also knows what they’re doing they’re considered the healthiest people on the planet and they jump up and down as a dance. They just jump as high as they can up and down up and the reason why it’s so incredible is it drains the lymph nodes the constant up-and-down movement bouncing drains all the lymph nodes in the body and their radiantly healthy. I try to do it for 10 minutes a day it changed my life. You don’t actually have to jump up and down you can even put your hand on something to hold yourself steady and just go up on your tiptoes up and down up and down up and down.

    1. Afh4ever the major purpose they jump up and down is just part of the culture. The marriage ceremonies, or the killing of lions ceremonies. It’s part of their culture.

    2. Can you please cite the credible, reliable, legitimate, and unbiased sources you obtained your information from, showing the scientific data/information/proof via multiple tedious, double blind, and controlled studies/research that have been performed per the specifics of the scientific method, that corroborate the claims that you are presenting as factually accurate……,???…..

    3. And the tribe elders,….the wise Daddy mac, will make you jump,jump!….the Mack dad will make you jump jump……the Kriss Kross tribe has warded off the wiggity wiggity whack illness and disease of the nodes for eons upon eons! For it was told that once long ago,….they missed the bus..and it was something they shant ever ever do again!

  9. We are woven and interconnected to the universe. I believe our universe is merely a cell inside a larger being. We are but a tiny part of this greater being and I believe, just like Russian dolls, we have cells in our bodies that are probably other universes with other beings inside of us – no different to what we are experiencing. I believe time distorts greatly at a quantum level – so possibly our life span, could easily be billions of years to the perception of what we might have inside our cells – beings we cannot even see. The universe is 13.8 billion years old, but it could easily be that the being our universe is inside – could be a fumbling baby crawling across the floor. Our “God” could be an unaware baby, going through life without a care and by the time the baby is an old person, close to death – the universe could be trillions of years old – cold and devoid of visible light and heat – and this persons light will go out – along with all the universes within. It is okay though, these processes will repeat over and over and there will never be an end to time.

    1. Wow!! Beautiful theory!! We actually have parasites living inside of us, so maybe we are like parasites inside another living being.

    2. +JP Gutierrez : Yes, we’re sucking the lives out of our hosts, as we destroy ourselves by destroying them.

  10. “Everything in the world needs to find it’s balance..”

    Where my libra gang at? ♎️😭😭 We da best zodiac sign , confirmed!

    1. Believe me when I tell you that the earth has a cure for every disease.. our people never had disease and we lived for thousands of years in peace. No need to evolve or advance because our state was perfect and we needed nothing more than to just live our lives. That’s why the bison was killed because we worshipped the buffalo and followed the herds. Without the buffalo our people lost our connection to nature and we faded as men and women and became what you would call an American … sad. Slow. Fat. Unhealthy. And barely love passed 40

    2. +Meesta Meesta Yes, so sorry it happened. I am part Native American from the Powhattan tribe. I’ve heard incredible stories how the Natives were so healthy that their wounds would heal in a day or two. The earth had so many minerals and the things they ate were so fresh and full of life. No pollution, no fluoridated water. They were in perfect balance and respected the balance of the planet. I respect that so much more than all the greed driven ignorance going on today.

    3. They want us to live as short as possible and spend as much as possible. Our ancestors could love to be over 100 years. Which is why families would be 60+ strong. Don’t eat foods made from factories. They are killing you silently

    1. fat is actually a kind of energy. A human body needs energy for daily use which we consume from food on daily basis. For that energy carbohydrates are the main source. If you eat too much carbs and work less these carbs will then converted into fat in your body which is alternatively called stored energy. So yeah your fat is your energy. UTILIZE IT IN SOME WAY.

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