In this video I show you how to make money on clickbank in 2018. This tutorial shows you 6 steps to start earning passive income.

Yo, what's going on guys, it's Nathan here. If you want to learn how to start making money on clickbank than this tutorial will show you how to start making passive income leveraging clickbank products and YouTube.

I show you step by step how you can pick a product, create a video to promote that product and start growing your email list so you can follow-up with people and make more sales.

There are people online right now making money with this method. There's no reason you can't do the same thing. Follow the steps I've laid out for you, get better and better, and start making that cheddar!

This is one of the best ways to make money on clickbank in 2018. I hope this helps!

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Nathan Lucas



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54 Replies to “Make Money On Clickbank 2018 | 6 Steps To Passive Income | Tutorial”

    1. Maryam Casimiro it works… i already made a commission from clickbank and deposited directly to the bank account : )

    2. +Alpha Man thanks man! i choose one of the product from e-business and e-marketing category in Clickbank, then i create website using wordpress platform with domain name and create 4 pages. I promote the product thru fb groups so far which i made just 4 sales in one month. Next, I will try other free traffic sources in youtube or pinterest or commenting on blog post . Right now im learning how to scale – learning on bing ads and other paid traffic sources, and i will place adsense also on my site to get multiple streams of income aside from clickbank… Just getting started but it really works…

  1. Click funnels are soooo expensive, is there another option in your opinion to use that’s not so expensive? Is there such a thing as a free one? (Don’t laugh)…

    1. Their are other plans on different domains that are not as high… Natasha please contact me I have and idea…You want to hear this!!!240-309-5363 call or text

    2. Hey Nathan can Natasha see my reply or is it only you..I want you to call me also…text me or call me..I need to chat!!

  2. So whatever product you’re selling, it obviously needs their own capture/lead page that corresponds to that particular product. So every time you promote a different product, you need a different capture page, …..? Are there any generic/neutral type of capture pages that can be used over again despite what the product is, something that can yet make sense to whatever it is you’re selling?

    1. Ideally yes Natasha. Now you’re starting to think like a marketer 😀 If you can come up with a generic capture page/offer that is congruent throughout an industry, you won’t have to make capture pages over and over again. If you are promoting specific products without a generic offer, than yes, I’d recommend tayloring an offer for that product.

    2. please is it possible for me to open an affiliates marketing with clickbank without a tax number because i dont have a tax number and i live in germany.?

  3. Thank you for the video so valuable information can i ask you 2 questions?
    1) which do you recommend videoscribe or doodly?
    2) If i have multi channels with multi niches how i can manage the capture page and know that he is come from this chanel or others to follow them and give them the information they are interested in?

    1. I’ve used Videoscribe for a very short period of time a couple years ago and thought it was good. Doodly, however looks good as well. So, Pick whatever one you’d like. If you have multiple capture pages in different niches, you will need to create multiple lists in your autoresponder to keep them organized. You don’t want to create one list that has people in niches. It will not be congruent with the emails you are putting out and you’ll make less money, if any at all

    2. please is it possible for me to open an affiliates marketing with clickbank without a tax number because i dont have a tax number and i live in germany.?

    1. please is it possible for me to open an affiliates marketing with clickbank without a tax number because i dont have a tax number and i live in germany.?

  4. I subscribed. just made my clickbank account and ready to start the process. Good info to start with, Thanks

  5. Does anyone read their email? I subscribe to many and never read them, if the initial contact don’t sell me it’s pointless.

    1. KEEP TRYING. Keep A/B testing things until you find what works. It can vary across channels/mediums, offers, messages… ! Good luck 🙂

    2. Yes, people actually do read their email. A big number of people uses their email as one of their main ways of communication actually,

  6. I ve subscribed!! Gotta question, whats the difference between the keywords and the tags in the description?
    Thanks man

    1. Description is just that – a description of the video. Tags are for SEO (search engine optimization. However, they both work to help your SEO. SEO helps search engines know what your video is about to get it in front of the right people.

    1. Hi Evelia , did you start earning money from affiliate marketing. Could you please share your experiences if you could have tried it..

  7. I’ve subscribed. This was one of the best videos that I’ve watched. Thanks. I’ll head on to your channel and listen to some more

    1. please is it possible for me to open an affiliates marketing with clickbank without a tax number because i dont have a tax number and i live in germany.?

  8. Nathan, truly appreciated your time and efforts in preparing this video. It’s a really good for any newbies. Cheers Andrew

  9. Look, there is a big portion of informations about how to make money with clickbank.
    youtube is keep blocking me…, *If you used it, and it helped you like this comment for others please :)*

    1. @Harry Jedeja I made over 100 dollars yesterday online. Here’s how I did it and how you can too: HootCash. com

  10. What if they want to learn more about the product or buy it, but don’t want to give you their email address? They will bail on the capture page, then Google the product. Then they might buy the product from someone else’s affiliate link. Good explanation otherwise.

    BTW, I know you do it to boost the comments and get your stats up, but why is everyone saying, “smash the like button” and type in the comment below “I subscribed.” Paul James does the same thing. It’s more honest if you say, “if I’ve helped you, please hit the like button” and subscribe. If you comment below it will also help my rank. Thank you.”

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