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LinkedIn Growth Hacks 3 Secret Tools Revealed (Save Time & Money)

In today’s video I am going to reveal 3 tools that can take away the donkey work and enable automation for your LinkedIn Marketing

Let’s begin with the first tool

LinkedIn helper (

This tool is truly magical guys.
Let me tell you some of things that you can do with LinkedIn helper

1) You can get thousands of targeted contacts by sending
personalised invitations to all of your 2nd & 3rd degree
2) You can also send personalized messages to all your 1st degree
3) You can setup autoresponder which will send messages to your
recently added connections
4) You will be able to send messages to all the group members at

Then the next tool that I would like to show is called Drumup .
Use my promo link and get $10 off.

Drumup can help you find and curate top content in your industry. This can drastically reduce your social media management time. You can add multiple account and can reach more with hashtags recommendation.

The final tool that I have for you is called Skrapp (

Through Skrapp you can easily collect email id’s of your target prospect. This really helps for cold email marketing. You will be able to build an accurate cold email marketing list.

These emails could also be used in Facebook and Google Ads.

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