Want to do better Instagram marketing? Check out this video where I dive into 5 advanced tips for doing betting marketing on Instagram. Some of these tips are a little advanced, but all these tips can help you grow your instagram account quickly.

I've used these tactics to grow from 0 instagram followers to just over 35,000 in only 1 year. I hope they can help you be awesome at Instagram marketing.

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29 Replies to “Instagram Marketing Tips For 2018: 5 Advanced Strategies to Grow Your Instagram Quickly”

  1. Thanks! The tip about creating trailers for YouTube content was something I think I’ll totally use. AN EXTRA STEP FOR CHRISTS SAKE but I’ll do it. Find me anywhere @cogey

  2. I had a question… when I do a Instagram live stories video as opposed to posting a older edited video inside of stories… I always get way less viewers then the second option which is easier since I have time to make the video more professional. Why is that ?

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