Instagram influencer marketing is one of the most powerful ways to advertise in 2018 and many people don't know how and others are doing it all wrong. In this video I'm going to show you the influencer marketing blueprint to master your Instagram advertising skills and acquire the skills to find the perfect influencer, the skills to negotiate the perfect deal and much more.

At the end of the video I even show a method to get Instagram influencers for free! Yes I said it, free shoutouts!

Watch the video!

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  1. PURE GOLD BABY. Finally common sense video and I really learned a great deal. Can’t wait to try this in a few weeks. Hey can you recommend where I can find UK based influencers for beauty products? Wondering if there is web site you can point me to. 👍😁

    1. He mentioned “HYPR” in the video. It allows you to find influencers based on location, niche, and more.

  2. Very informative, nice touch on the white board too. I must admit, influencer marketing has been the secret in my growth. There are already lots of platforms for this, and one that I am very familiar of is the Phlanx influencer marketing platform. Been using it for quite some time and it’s been great.

    1. Nah don’t think so. They’re only used to leverage the brand for a certain period of time so giving away 50% of your Profits should be a nice way to grow your sales, and if the product is nice, these people will come back

  3. If you want to get in touch with me, send a DM to @alecwilcock because I’m no longer using @aleclifestyle (my account got hacked). I’m seeing this as an opportunity to change the name ‘Alec Lifestyle’ that I’ve never really liked.

    My new account –

    Thanks again to everyone for watching and supporting my videos! ❤️

  4. Very valuable information. We are a small handmade business and not sure if Instagram is very effective in this niche.

    1. Are you kidding??? You literally sell beautiful handmade things … Instagram is a visual Platform … if we were doing this insta would be our home base

    2. +Felix Meyer Your replay is very encouraging. I mostly see popular on Instagram luxury
      items promoted which everyone wants them, but we will focus more from now on to create more content for this platform.

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