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How To Write A Marketing Plan In 5 Easy Steps

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Bringing people to your business can feel difficult. You might not know where your audience is, or how best to engage with them. A marketing plan helps you outline what your business needs, and creates a roadmap for how to get there. We’ll go over five steps to creating and implementing a marketing plan. Getting organized is one step in growing your business and accessing a wider audience.

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Video Chapters:
Intro | 0:00 – 0:42
Step #1 Business Mission | 0:43 – 1:20
Offer – Marketing Templates | 1:21 – 1:35
Step #2 Identify Buyer Personas | 1:36 – 2:10
Step #3 Define Your Content Strategy | 2:11 – 3:19
Course Offer – Digital Marketing Fundamentals | 3:20 -3:37
Step #4 Budget | 3:38 – 4:13
Step #5 Action Plan | 4:14 – 4:47
Outro | 4:48 – 5:11

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