26 Replies to “How To Use Twitter 2018 (Beginners Guide)”

  1. I’m completely new to any social media. Your tutorial was a real breath of fresh air. Someone who doesn’t seem like they’re showing off all the time!. You got me tweeting. Thank you.

    1. Jennifer Hockey thank you for kind comment. If you need anything or have any questions then feel free to leave me a comment and I will get back to you ASAP.

  2. I liked your video.  Have a question on relying to a tweet.  I replied too a tweet I liked.  When my friend went on to see if the reply was there, he could not find it but when I look on my twitter it does show it.  ?????

  3. Thank you Shadz. I like your way of explaining twitter! And hey, we are about the same youtube subs size 😉 Good luck with your channel growth!

  4. Thanks Shadz, nicely done. You glossed over a few things I was looking for, but I guess it is more advanced.  Do you happen to have a video about embedding videos from youtube to twitter, so the clicks/counts will count from twitter to youtube.  Right now I am getting hits on my slideshows on twitter, but they are not showing up on youtube.  Any suggestions?  Tks Lacey

  5. So it’s not just a matter of joining Twitter, and having the whole world at our fingertips, but rather picking and choosing who we are looking for, and having only access to that?  Sort of like how they control the Internet, we type in what we are looking for, and they give us results and recommendations based on our selection, but not necessary access to what’s out there!   In fact, the deep web is 10 X larger than the surface web we have access too, but not when I get into Office, because I’m shutting it down 🙂 🙂 🙂

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