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Hello! I'd love if you would give this LinkedIn for business marketing video a shot. I dive right in and show you some incredible strategies for how you can grow your business through LinkedIn!

To skip introduction and jump right inro LinkedIn, Timestamp is 4:03
Some of the Linkedin Strategies I discuss are:
– How to optimize your LinkedIn profile
– How to use LinkedIn Video
– How to target ANYONE on LinkedIn
and much more!

As a bonus, in the later part of this video I discuss Backlink strategies for your website! What are backlinks, link building strategies and a ton of other great ideas!

Let me know if this video was useful to you and what future content you would like to learn about!

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21 Replies to “How to Use Linkedin for Business Marketing [2018]”

    1. Hi Tedpole! A video on Chris Benoit will take time to research and find the right host to talk about!

  1. When you use the “Clear Bit” extension to solicit contacts through their email address, can they report you as spam? This could potentially and automatically effect your own email address. Are we protected from this happening because these contacts are made through a Google Chrome extension and/or LinkedIn?

    1. Reineke Shaw very good question! I have not been affected by this yet, but it could be possible. If you’re using your own domain you could always create a separate email for just this method, or use a spare gmail account.

  2. Appreciate the upload, but man if I can give you one piece of constructive criticism, it would be to invest in some better audio and video equipment. It would really help most people stay longer. Overall, great content though, nice work man.

    1. Thank you I appreciate the feedback and hope the content is helpful! The sound quality took you out of it?

  3. I hope this Linkedin for business workshop was helpful for everyone! Please feel free to ask me any additional questions if you have any!

    1. Hi Austin , i was struggling to find a client , finally, now i have a client but I don’t know how or were to start do you have a video or something to help me.

    2. Hi mr Chii! I’d be happy to help! What work are you looking to do for your client? – Austin

    3. If you are handling his social media, then yes, you will need login information for all of his accounts and need to be made an administrator on his Facebook page if he already has one. If he or you are struggling with a trust issue, I would advise him to just change all the passwords to something temporary and different from his email address.

  4. I’ve been searching for this informations for months!! That’s great…😀
    Hey, I create very similar marketing-related content on my channel, why don’t you subscribe and send me some feedbacks about my videos?

  5. I have a question kindly tell me whats looks more authentic or attract clients
    a- Pitching or promoting from a personal linkedIn profile about services of a company?
    b-Pitching or promoting from a company’s own linkedIn Profile ?
    Thnakyou In Advance and great stuff learned few pointers thanks for sharing

    1. Asil Ansari personally, I like the personal brand approach. I think reaching out from the brand comes across a little more salesy. Just my opinion though. I’m glad the video was helpful!

  6. I was a little confused how we got from LinkedIN marketing to backlinks, are they not different things?

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