Over the years, being in radio, I've gotten pretty good at knowing how to best utilize various social media platforms… so I thought I would share some tips with you. This episode of 'Verified' focuses on Twitter. Enjoy! Hopefully you learn a thing or two!!

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29 Replies to “How To Increase Engagement And Gain Followers On Twitter”

    1. Will do! Gonna do a part 2 of Twitter next month I think… and maybe an IG one in March as well. Thank you for watching! Don’t forget to subscribe.

  1. Thanks Mike…I have just started my twitter account to help people help themselves… but I myself need help to understand how Twitter works 🙂 Your video helped

  2. This is legit the most helpful twitter video on YouTube. I’m terrible at twitter and this was the info I needed, not just the mass follow garbage.

  3. Hopefully these tips works. Kind of getting tired of not getting much helpful advices when I use a new platform leading the way of how I manage my content.

  4. This video shares some great tips for Twitter. Twitter is great for gaining engagement and because it’s so fast moving, it’s recommended to post as much as 10 times per day. Good video.

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  6. wait omg I’m here to increase followers on Twitter and I have no idea who you are but when I saw ur Twitter acc there I knew since you talked about EXO lately 😉

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