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71 Replies to “HOW TO GROW ON INSTAGRAM TO 5K FOLLOWERS IN 1 WEEK 2018 *no BS | 2018 instagram algorithm”

    1. I disagree. I actually believe that for small businesses and self-employed contractors that can’t afford advertising($2-3+ a click for a lot of profitable keywords), the follow/unfollow method is one of their only options for social media lead generation.

  1. Finally thanks for not making clickbait videos but being real. This is my first video of yours that I’m watching. You earned my sub. And I really like that the goal of your channel is to help other creators.

    1. nutshell: collaborate (too much time! who has time AND talk with the customers too???) or sponsored stuff (first few mins she says don`t promote and than BOOM!!) so no thanks

    2. Disho i respect the main comment because thats an opinion but this is just generalising. Its toxic. Stfu

    3. yep, and the point is, follow unfollow is non genuine but who cares, unless youre building personal brand its still not going to be “honest” and you wont build trust and relationship. So the advice only good for personal brands. imho.

  2. FInally a video that makes sense not full of old tricks that will never work in 2018.

  3. Follow-unfollow is so annoying!! Sometimes I get the same person doing over and over again! 🤦🏻‍♀️Make it stop!!!

    1. Mari Vlogs I’m so close to wanting to DM the person who keeps doing this to me so they can stop. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Blocking sounds better though. Didn’t think about that.

    2. Issa Universe You can tell they unfollowed if the notification about them following you disappeared and the follower count dropped. Or if you keep up with who follows you, just look through your list of followers to see who unfollowed.

  4. The unfollow, follow method is just ridiculous to me. I made an Instagram and I had no
    Idea about this method. I’d just follow other people to be supportive if the followed me, then I noticed people were unfollowing me. It took me a second to realize what was going on. I feel like it is such an immature way to gain followers, so now if people follow me, I am thankful, but I don’t follow back.. due to the fact that these people are just fake. I want genuine people who genuinely like me.. not just for numbers, and vice versa. Sorry, got on a rant! Thank you for your honest review.

    1. SHANDA I’m learning this myself just started a new buisness and all these people are following me I follow them isn’t that what I meant to do lol then they unfollow me which is fine but wtf lmao 😂 I’ve tagged people’s photos and helped out I don’t even know in a genuine way then they comment to DM them to collab and then say they want to charge me 50 dollars a photos WTF is that haha oh well 😔

  5. I have 25 followers and theee of them are my other accounts lol.
    But I’m funny so I can deal with it

    1. hi! comment your insta username and let’s follow each other! (this feels so sketchy comenting it out hahha but u kno u gotta do what u gotta do):

      comment on a recent pic: “from youtube” and i’ll follow back 🙂

      ps, i’m an artist so if anyone wants to collab or have art requests just hit me up :)+Pearls of Wisdom Joys

    2. 😂😂😂😂 you’re the kind of person I wanna be friends with. Lol. I’ll also follow you with my other 5 accounts

  6. I feel really bad that I had so much trouble following this video. There was a lot of repitition and not many key points. :/ Where does the 5000 in 1 week really come from. Is that just a number thrown out there or is there some science behind quantifying the quality of your tips to that range. D: I’m confused all I got was use promotions but it doesn’t work for you really and collaborate but everyone is doing the same thing so it’s too competitive.

    1. giiblet she has like 30k followers. Has no idea what she is talking about. Comes off as obnoxious and not clear or direct in her thinking. Probably she paid for all the views and likes on this YouTube video to be honest

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