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    1. Probably useful, but I hate how so many pages just reuploaded other people’s videos, add white bars on the top and bottom, some crying laughing emojis, slap their logo on it, and get millions more views than the original creator

    2. Facebook video seems to get a lot more views then my Youtube channel does. 14,000+ people on my page if I share a Youtube link only a few people see it. If I post the same video to Facebook video it can get over 3 million organic views. The downside is all the big Facebook pages feel inclined to your footage,download it and re upload it to their page and you get no views but your video has gone viral… Because of that I’ve been left in the dark and my brand has been effected while theirs grows because of my content. It’s a weekly issue for me. Never made enough money to copyright my content. Any tips for someone in my position? << New vlog idea 😉

    3. I know most people don’t know this, but you can get a video copyrighted for $35, and that is then yours for your whole lifetime, plus 70 years after your death.

      Alsoo, Facebook probably gets you more views because you have a larger audience on there, and how easy it is to share a video on facebook, YouTube isn’t quite as much as a social media site (as Facebook) as it is a site to post and view videos.

      I really don’t have too many tips, and I’m not sure what kind of content you make, so I really can’t tell you much other than copyrighting your work isn’t as expensive as you might think (I wouldn’t do it to every single video, just the ones you spend most time on, or are more likely to go viral)

    1. Awesome awesome tips! I just subscribed to your channel as well!!! Excited to dig in a little deeper!!!!

  1. These tips are amazing!! Thanks so much Chris! I’ve​ been trying to grow my presence on social media! 🙂

  2. Hey great tips, Chris!
    I think facebook video is quite undervalued within the video creator community. Though, I agree with some of the criticisms about freebooting and having to pay to push your content whereas youtube kinda does it for you.
    Overall, creators should look to facebook video as daily changing platform and should definitely continue to experiment with it!

  3. I have one question!!!?!? Why don’t HASHTAGS work on FACEBOOK?! When I hashtag my photography, and then click on the hashtags I’m not in any of them , anywhere!! No one can see me who’s not already my friend. WHY IS THAT?!

  4. @Chris Hau Thanks for bringing the hair back ;P Question: Should you post the “video” on YouTube then share/boost on Facebook or does this specifically apply more to videos uploaded directly to Facebook?

    This has always been a big question of mine. Should I be posting some specific videos to Facebook for a certain reason or just continue sharing them to facebook from YouTube?


    I have read articles that Facebook videos have some seriously strong SEO potential that YouTube would otherwise lack. Facebook is a market I have not found much value in yet. Perhaps posting more content regarding Facebook would be awesome 🙂

    Always love you “business focused” content. Keep it up 🙂

  5. These tips are on point! Appreciate for another great video Chris!
    btw, really really enjoy the new lens look, so wide and sharp across the edges📷

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