45 Replies to “Grow Your Instagram ORGANICALLY in 2018 (How to work WITH the Instagram algorithm)”

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  1. So many people who are using Instagram don’t use hashtags at all. How are they gaining followers and likes without hashtags?

    1. Like +Sushiirull said, they put them into a comment box, which means the person posting does not appear to work with hashtags. The Algorithm after does determine the comment with the most likes to appear at the top, which means you don’t see the hashtags anymore as they are “vanishing” or “blend into a number of other comments. The more comments, the less likely you are to find the hashtags.

    2. It could even be that they are paying for boosted posts or get reposted on popular accounts depending on their style or talent.

  2. What’s your biggest tip for growing to the first 1000? Is there anything you haven’t mentioned, or one of the above strategies that you think is most important?

      FOR all upcoming MODELS now They can
      also enjoy real INSTAGRAM fame just

    2. Go to accounts in your niche and ask if they do reposts. Also, comment actively on other small accounts. Follow back. Make your feed look interesting, use a mix of tags.

    1. says the girl from muchfollowers..
      how are you going to keep up with new content and credibility of your posts (likes/views) down the road?
      just get more chips from your 9-5 and purchase more likes/views/follows?
      fake it till you make it method like this one is not sustainable unless you’ve won a jackpot from megamillions

  3. You can find me on IG @gillianzperkins (I’m finally working on growing my own account, instead of just those of others. 🙂 ) Be sure to leave me a comment on my most recent post, say “hey!” and let me know that you found me from this video. 🙂

    1. Gillian Perkins thanks Gillian I’m only 5 mins in and still learning a lot . I just subscribed and me and my girlfriend will take notes from this video! And I will follow you on Ig ! Keep it going!

  4. not even in a creepy or sexual way, but i actually got lost in your eyes. i was staring for so long that the color started to look unnatural😂

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