Before you waste your money and buy an overpriced Pinterest marketing course, like Pinfinite Growth, you must watch this Pinterest marketing video!

Learn the power of pinning, why it is important to your online business and our exact three-phase Pinterest marketing strategy that is generating over 50,000 visits per month.

Our results are not isolated, either… In December, I taught this exact Pinterest strategy to our mastermind partners in New Zealand and within three months they were able to start generating 6000 unique visits per month and hundreds of new subscribers per month.

This Pinterest marketing system requires little to no money in order to drive massive amounts of organic traffic from Pinterest.

In this video, we break down the Pinterest strategy into three specific phases. You will also learn about the Pinterest tools required and the only Pinterest scheduler that allows you to leverage all three phases of this social media marketing strategy.

The first phase is laying your foundation which includes setting up your Pinterest account, creating your first boards, understanding why Pinterest is important for your online business, and getting your Pinterest account verified so you can be a business account on Pinterest and take advantage of the Pinterest SEO benefits through their rich pins.

With over 150 million monthly active users, 81% of whom are women, mostly affluent and high online purchasers… Pinterest is a fantastic marketplace to leverage for audience growth and search engine optimization.

Phase 2 begins Pinterest automation. This is where we get into the tools and marketing strategy that allows you to batch all of your social media marketing efforts for this platform into a couple of hours per week.

Here is the tool we use for Pinterest marketing automation:

No one wants to be tied to a social network every day having to log-in multiple times per day to continue to manage their account. Not only is that a waste of time and energy, but it's also incredibly inefficient.

You will learn exactly the tools we use and how we use them to maximize the leverage for every minute spent Pinterest marketing.

Phase 3 goes beyond automation into leveraging the audiences others have created on Pinterest.

This is really the largest growth potential for your Pinterest marketing, but it requires you to have a solid foundation and automation system in place, first.

You learn exactly how we find and leverage Pinterest group boards that have engaged audiences focused on your niche, to your advantage.

From the free pin groupie tool… Google 'Pin Groupie'

To the outreach strategy to the group board administrators and how to make sure that you're becoming a positive contributor to the Pinterest group board instead of simply "spamming" them.

If you get this wrong, you will be booted from these group boards in an instant and you will not be able to get back in… So this third section is so vitally important to your success on Pinterest.

When you get this Pinterest marketing strategy working for you, it is so simple that you can literally handed over to a virtual assistant to run for you on a few hours per week. This is exactly what we have done at this point.

An important reminder is that you want to you take enough time to fully understand the Pinterest app and Pinterest platform, before jumping in with both feet. Start by installing the app on your phone setting up your first account and begin to use the search feature so you can understand how your target customers are using Pinterest currently.

Your goal is to blend in with what already works on Pinterest. If you come off as a marketer who is trying to leverage Pinterest for your business, you will not get the kinds of results that you can see if you come off as another Pinterest user that other Pinterest users can trust.

As Facebook continues to crush organic reach, twitter accelerates into its death spiral, and Instagram making it incredibly difficult for you to link users to your website… Pinterest is one of the final frontiers in this day and age for organic social media marketing.

Pinterest is unique because it's not all about getting Pinterest followers… Like it is on Facebook and Instagram.

You are able to get more reach with your content then you have followers which means it is a perfect platform for distributing content in a method that allows you to grow your audience fast.

This is why we don't go into the follow/unfollow marketing approach that is so common on many other social networks.

Marketing with Pinterest has allowed us to recover most of our organic social media traffic we lost with Facebook's recent algorithm changes.

Now you have literally been handed the keys to the castle for a complete Pinterest marketing strategy you can implement to drive organic users to your website, funnels, affiliate links by simply putting in the work!

Enjoy and may you have pinfinite success!

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51 Replies to “Free Pinterest Marketing Course For Your Online Business Without Paid Pinterest Ads.”

  1. I am struggling to implement this. I am a very visual learner and need to have examples that SHOW me how to do it. I have a business that creates video ads for social media, customer base is primarily small business and non-profits. Would Pinterest be a good platform for this?

    1. Hey Jackee, I think the biggest question is… Are your clients’ perfect customers on Pinterest? If the answer to that is yes then including Pinterest in your strategy makes perfect sense.

  2. Any plans for a short visual video for this? I’ve never really got that into Pinterest but it sounds good… thank you!

    1. +Tracey Poland not really… Just getting the core strategy out for those who want some direction and are willing to dig in.

    2. Miles Beckler it’s an awesome video with a lot of great content, I think a lot of us maybe visual learners … your kw research video was a great visual learning video!

    3. Totally get it… It is definitely a watch multiple times, take notes and implement piece by piece type video…  That’s why we broke it into phases!

  3. This is great, but I am a more visual person. I would love to see you do it in real time…if you ya got the time. Best.

    1. Since it is all setup for us, not sure how it would ‘look’ but I may get everything open up and show how it links together, behind the scenes….

  4. Hi Guys ! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I was just about to buy the Pinfinite Growth program (that I can hardly afford) when I found your video. The information is gold. I implemented your 3 phase technique a few days ago and I am already starting to see results. My blog that is in the same niche as Melanie’s is still at a baby phase but with your help I have now high hopes of generating traffic! Thank you so much beautiful souls ♥ – Nikita

    1. That is fantastic to hear! Such a great comment and I’m glad we have been able to help you along your path! Our list and our traffic all started at zero, too! 😀 It is the persistence over time that makes all the difference!!!

  5. Thank you Miles and Melanie. I ran across some information that you need to manually populate the alt=”” attribute under with the description for the post otherwise pinterest will not not use your description. However, here you said that the yoast plugin would handle description information. Do I understand you correctly? -Katherine

    1. To the best of my knowledge…. If your site is verified and your account is setup as a business account in Pinterest, it should pull your metadata for the post that the pin comes from when something is pinned from your site.

  6. Wow, THANK YOU, so refreshing to be given advice with no hidden catch. I learnt so much from you both and really enjoyed watching you. Can’t wait to put your advice into practice x

  7. I wished you showed us how you do these steps. I’m not real to familiar with Pinterest other than its a place to get recipes.

    1. Hey Miles. I’ve been following this guide and am curious if that video walkthrough ever got created or if you have any recommendations for learning more. Thanks

  8. Question about the rich pins. You stated “create like 10 per article”. Do you use the same wording on each and change out the photos, or do you have 10 completely different custom images per article? Also, how to do you make them rich pins without adding all 10 images to the article, or do you replace each rich pin in the article periodically? Any examples you can link me to?

    Again thanks for all the help you give us here. I have been watching these vids religiously and appreciate all you do!

    1. It is highly template driven, so there are a few backgrounds, a few colors and a few calls to actions (and fonts) that all get mixed up. I upload them directly to Pinterest and add the rich pin text after!

  9. great video! not clear why does it have to be a secret board to be scheduled pins from not a regular board???

    1. So you can add like 400 pins to secret and the tool will post them one at a time to the live board… You get to batch the work in a weekend and get ‘dripped’ pins going out all month.

  10. Are you making money off of your angel content? Or is this just for traffic? I’m asking because now that I understand Pinterest better I realize my niche may not be something that sells products.

    1. We have been supporting ourselves with our Angel based business full-time since 2010. we do display some advertisements and have many affiliate relationships where we promote affiliate products, too… But our membership and products we create are the bulk of our income

  11. Is there any way to know if the data you claim to achieve are true?

    For instance, it would be cool if you told us who these who these “New Zealand friends” are (the name of their pinterest accounts or websites) so that we could check their progress the past three months. Cause you know, with no actual proof, anyone could claim anything if he could just…..perform well on camera.
    I would like to congratulate you, cause your youtube marketing strategy is very, very subtle and the things you say are spot on on theory, however it would be great if you provide some evidence in the future while you speak about a certain topic. I think it would help your channel grow faster as people like and return value to those who are sincere.

  12. Hello Miles, Anthony here I was wondering since board booster closed is there an alternative? Thanks you guys are awesome!

  13. Quick Observation/Question because Im really unsure how should I approach this matter. 10 Pins a day per board means 70 pins per week per board. If you have 5 board, that’s 350 Pins per week…. How do you do 350 pins in 1-2 hours Sunday? Even if there are some Pins that belongs to other people, you will at least have half of yours, so 175… I can barely make 3 pins in one hour

    1. Hire someone full time to create pins for you and spend your 1 to 2 hours getting them everything they need to get all those pins made.

      Or do what you can with the time that you have and keep making progress as often as possible if you’re not in a position to hire someone.

      We have prioritize this so we’ve grown our team to be able to help us do more than either of us could do on our own

  14. Really helpful video and great to see you both passionate and vibing together. The only thing I’m struggling to find out now even though its probably very basic is how do you have an image in a blog post when it is saved to someones pinterest account that the image is linked to your own pinterest account and already contains a description.

    As I have been able to find plugins that allow visitors to save the image but I can’t make it so it has a description or linked to a pinterest account, I just rewatched the video and its mentioned that a full size image is first uploaded then resized. How do you resize an image that is already contained within a blog or does Melanie mean that she adds a large version pins it, then replaces the images file with the smaller also. How is Melanie able to have an image uploaded on ask angels when pinned the pinned image is also linked to her pinterest account even though its added to my own board, if that makes sense?

    Thanks for the great video

    1. Pinterest creates duplicates of the images… Your original is in your post… You resize it in WordPress editor. Your pin-it plugin allows you to “Pin” the image from your blog… This creates the link.

      When someone re-pins it, another duplicate is created and it duplicates out the link.

      Play with the pinterest app and website a bunch… It’ll make sense. Foreign at first, for sure!

  15. Stumbled upon this and loved it. Did you ever make a video tutorial on this? I went to your channel and looked at your videos, but couldn’t find it. Also, where is boardbooster located?

    1. Miles Beckler sorry brother but the only main stream that’s really putting efforts in this video is you

    1. Hey Miles…quick question: Say I have 6 pins going to the same page (same URL) pinned over time (like you teach) is it ok (should I?) to have them all on the board active over time or do I delete the older pins so there is only one link to that particular URL? (ok that wasn’t quick!!)

    2. Havent taught tailwind yet… Having some team challenges and still dialing in our processes. When we pin 1 pin multiple times we pin it to a different board each time through the board list function. We don’t repin to the same board anymore.

    3. +Miles Beckler How long before it’s safe to post a pin (even if different design and board) with the same URL again (how many days in between?)

  16. Just watched it for the second time! Absolutely love how much value you give here. Will come back to it to follow all the steps as well as possible. Thanks so much!

    P.S. I saw Boardbooster has closed. Do you think Tailwind is the best alternative now?

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