15 tips to optimize your Facebook Business page in 2018.

In this video, I will show you 15 Tips to help your business be found on Facebook.

Each tip will also cover technical specifications and step by step instructions.

Below is the breakdown of each tip covered in this tutorial. Click on the time link to jump right to the ones you want to watch

Tip n#1: Add the right Profile picture to your page (1:16)
Add a profile picture that reflects

Tip n#2: Add a cover photo (1:47)
Use your Cover photo to showcase your business

Tip n#3: Add a short description to your page (2:56)
Use a short description to describe who you are and what you do in 255 characters

Tip n#4: Add a long description to your page (3:21)
Add a long description to describe your business in more depth including keywords

Tip n#5: Add a description to your cover photo (4:00)
Another opportunity to add more copy and more relevant keywords in relation to your business

Tip n#6: Add a link to your website (4:38)
Help visitors to find your website

Tip n#7: Select the right business category (5:18)
Choose the most relevant categories for your business to be found

Tip n#8: create a custom URL or Vanity URL (5:47)
Create a customer friendly URL for your facebook business page

Tip n#9: Add a call to action button to your page (6:34)
Convert your visitors into leads or full on customers

Tip n#10: Add Page Tabs to Promote Your Products or Services (7:10)
Sell your product and services directly from your page

Tip n#11: Pin your most important posts at the top of your page (7:42)
Make your most important post stick at the top of your page

Tip n#12: Start Posting videos (8:22)
The importance of videos on your page

Tip n#13: Create video playlist (8:42)
Create videos playlists to give add more content

Tip n#14: Enable reviews (9:50)
Build credibility and start collecting positive reviews for your business

Tip n#15: Measure your progress (10:46)
Continue improving your page by paying attention to your performance

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44 Replies to “Facebook Business Page – 15 optimization tips (2018)”

  1. Boss good morning, please I have a question for you

    Please what is the different between Targeting Audience and Interest

    1. Audience will be the type of people you are targeting (male, female, age etc…)
      Interest is what their into (golf, yoga, well being etc…)

  2. Also if I want to choose targeting audience, apart from me choosing State, region and country can I choose Company or organization as well?

    1. Not as such but you can target people who are interested in a specific company using the detail targeting option

  3. I just found your channel here. I will explore your channel and learn as much as I could to develop my own social media marketing. Thank you for sharing your content, sir.

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