Clickbank for Beginners | How to make $1000 a week with Clickbank

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Hey Youtube, It's been along time since i've made a video for you guys. I apologize to my loyal followers, i will now be making videos on a weekly basis so please subscribe and turn on notifications.

In this video i will walk you through step by step what i did to earn these commissions on this clickbank account.


ClickFunnels 14 FREE Trial:

Here are some ideas that could potentially make you money

CB: Crypto curreny offers BSA: Crypto
CB: Dog Training Programs BSA: Pets
CB: Teaching Kids how to read BSA: Family and Parenting

Use your creative side and common logic. for Example, you wouldn't put a muscle building offer on a female cooking site…

Signing out, till next time guys! Stay safe and God Bless.

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Author: JM

47 thoughts on “Clickbank for Beginners | How to make $1000 a week with Clickbank

  1. Really great video, bro! Not everyone shows EXACTLY what they do so this will definately help me! Thank you!

    1. Hi its Chris
      India or Pakistan Kai log ClickBank ki Affiliate account nhi bna pate.
      Mai un logo ka account bna dunga.
      WhatsApp number :- +917450957690
      Charge :- 500rs.

    2. If you want to make predictable and consistent internet income before 2018 ends, you must have a sales funnel, period.

      Because a converting sales funnel can generate income for you whenever you send traffic to it.

      The challenge is, it is difficult to build a converting sales funnel! You must test your lead magnet, webpages, products to promote, email marketing, etc.

      Here’s the good news, you can actually “clone” a proven sales funnel from a Clickbank Super Affiliate…

      He has built several high converting sales funnels, and you can get started to use his sales funnels INSTANTLY:

    3. interesting points ,if anyone else trying to find out clickbank wp plugin try Panlarko Amazing Clickbank Planner (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my colleague got great success with it.

  2. Please do more videos justin… you r too cute and knowledgeable. I luv your accent and pointers☺☺

  3. Great stuff Justin… how many emails in your autoresponder sequence do you have for promoting the one product mentioned in the video. Also roughly how many subscribers did you get per thousand impressions that you paid for?

  4. Hey guys, I had a question, i saw that the product was about 16dollars and on your landing page you had written free

    How does this work? You create a landing page, give them something free in return for their email and then they get linked to the affiliate offer wich they need to buy with money?

    So we got 2 products here right? Isn’t that a bit confusing for the customer?

    I need explanation so if somebody can help I would turn really happy

    1. Well depending on how you set it up. You can create video or blog post then you have a link to your landing page if you are using clickfunnels so that you can grab the email. Then once it is collected then it will take them to the product. So if you are using click funnels and advertising that is two things that you are paying for to promote the one product that you are selling.

    2. Hey Anass, thanks for the question. Let me clarify. On my landing page i provided them with a free download of an ebook (where did i get this? On the affiliate tools page some affiliates will provide free stuff, its the same page where i got my banner ad copy from) that gets sent to there email first thing! Now because they open this email, all emails from me wont get sent into spam so there you go…you have free valuable customers you can market to for life or until they opt out. 🙂

    3. hey Justin, thank you for answering my question, really appreciate it! Sounds great that the affiliate product owner helps in such a way! I really just had one question left if you don’t mind.. (I’m trying to start my first landing site etc and you probably know how confusing this stuff can be for a starter ;D)
      You showed us the statistic of the video for losing weight fast with the body wrap (checking if the vid is getting views till this day).. I can’t seem to have that option on my youtube page to check the statistics of any vids.. Well, here is the question… Do you know how i can get acces to these statistics too?

  5. My question is does this actual make you 1000 per week or are you just faking it ? And where are the results?

    1. i showed you my results at the start of the video. I don’t understand what makes you think this is fake, goodluck!

    2. Hey Justin from where you bring the traffic ?? this is my biggest issue Please share with us how to get traffic for your landing page!

    3. Tony Featherstone … ClickBank is Free and you can Advertise by creating websites for free like WordPress… Word press offers you a free website and can make easy commission depending on how hard you work on promoting your landing website

  6. Justin Sir, You are thorough, clear, understandable, encouraging, honest and drive a call to action! You are very motivational, thank you for this awesome video… I found it at the RIGHT time!

  7. About 1k revenue per week is not that bad. But how much did you spend on AD`s to get to this number? Without knowing that you could potentially even lose money.

  8. I bet you paid a lot more than $3 dollars in advertising to make the sales you show.
    This method is about 20 years old and is basically Marlon Sanders “the money is in the list” rehashed. Clickbank is is held in very low esteem now, esp on Facebook who rarely allow ads linking to landing pages and Clickbank offers. Google Ads banned them long ago.

  9. Thanks Justin great content, I am trying to buy add to cart my banner add on buysellads but as soon as it goes in my cart its asking for $300.00 not $3.00 . did I miss something here ! or am I adding it wrongly ! if yu can assist .

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