How I Make $3,000 a Day:

In today's video, I'll give you quick bing tutorial and teach you to get clickbank traffic or traffic for any affiliate marketing offer using bing pay per click advertising.

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In this bing ads training, I'll share my keyword research strategy and how I find winning keywords for my bing ads campaigns.

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How I Make $3,000 a Day:

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14 Replies to “Bing Ads Training 2018 For Affiliate Marketing – How to Find Profitable Keywords”

  1. Very good tutorial. I wanted to ask you a question when you’re running bing ads. What match types do you use for your keywords when running ads? Exact, Phrase or Broad Match?

  2. What is a non competitive cpa offer market on max bounty I can promote on bing ads tomorrow because I got $800 saved up…

  3. Why we need a landing page can’t we go with affiliate web which includes our refrall
    I mean with click bank

  4. Great video. May I know How much do you usually bid for a profitable keyword? Because the keyword in dog niche seems quite expensive, up to 0.8 to over 1 buck per click.

  5. Sean, i’ve been trying doing this but bing keeps saying my ads aren’t running and then they display this message “”You have multiple match types for the same keyword. If all of them match a query, we will choose a more restrictive match type than this one. If you want this match type to work for this query, you can remove the more restrictive match type (like exact match) for the keyword.”
    I’ve tried replacing match types, replacing with similar keywords, but it just keeps doing this, have any idea why? This really sucks, hope i can get a reply from you

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