Bing Ads PPC: I Made $748 With ONE MaxBounty Campaign – 100% Revealed

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In this Bing Ads Tutorial, I show you how I was able to use Pay Per Click Advertising to send traffic to the MaxBounty Offer: CLA Safflower Oil. I prove to you that I generated $748 in revenue while only spending around $108 on Bing Ads PPC.

Pay Per Click or PPC Marketing is one of the most efficient ways to send cheap traffic to affiliate offers like the one mentioned above. I set up my Bing AdWords Campaign a very specific way to receive $.05 – $.15 cent clicks for my offer. This allowed me to only spend $108 on Bing Ads and make $748 with a single MaxBounty Offer.

A heavy percentage of the conversions generated were from my unique way of generating THOUSANDS of buying related keywords. I created over 3,000 “buying” related keywords for this campaign alone in a matter of minutes. I teach this MaxBounty Training technique in my PPC Training course.

In the video, you can see I had 3 ad groups set up for the campaign CLA Safflower Oil.

#1) The “Buying” related keywords that I generated in just a couple of minutes (included in course)

#2) The “Bulk” ad group, where I generated over 700 keywords using the Google Keyword Planner (included in course)

#3) The “CLA” targeted keyword phrases where I use a unique strategy to find the EXACT phrases being searched in Bing the most (included in course)

In each of my Bing Ads Campaign I have at least 3 separate ad groups. I show you how you can obtain these results throughout my Bing AdWords Training course. Anyone can learn how to become a pay per click (PPC) master.

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