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In this Bing Ads Tutorial, I show you how I was able to use Pay Per Click Advertising to send traffic to the MaxBounty Offer: CLA Safflower Oil. I prove to you that I generated $748 in revenue while only spending around $108 on Bing Ads PPC.

Pay Per Click or PPC Marketing is one of the most efficient ways to send cheap traffic to affiliate offers like the one mentioned above. I set up my Bing AdWords Campaign a very specific way to receive $.05 – $.15 cent clicks for my offer. This allowed me to only spend $108 on Bing Ads and make $748 with a single MaxBounty Offer.

A heavy percentage of the conversions generated were from my unique way of generating THOUSANDS of buying related keywords. I created over 3,000 “buying” related keywords for this campaign alone in a matter of minutes. I teach this MaxBounty Training technique in my PPC Training course.

In the video, you can see I had 3 ad groups set up for the campaign CLA Safflower Oil.

#1) The “Buying” related keywords that I generated in just a couple of minutes (included in course)

#2) The “Bulk” ad group, where I generated over 700 keywords using the Google Keyword Planner (included in course)

#3) The “CLA” targeted keyword phrases where I use a unique strategy to find the EXACT phrases being searched in Bing the most (included in course)

In each of my Bing Ads Campaign I have at least 3 separate ad groups. I show you how you can obtain these results throughout my Bing AdWords Training course. Anyone can learn how to become a pay per click (PPC) master.

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51 Replies to “Bing Ads PPC: I Made $748 With ONE MaxBounty Campaign – 100% Revealed”

  1. Are there any upsells to this product? I’ve bought so many that leave out all the important information to see results.

    1. Emanuele Papalia This offer was direct linking for the most part. I did build a presell page but I had better conversions with direct linking haha

  2. can i pay you to do it for me im about to join max bounty my bing budget is 80 to 100$ how much would you charge to set everything up for me and start it?

    1. Princezz Pisces well if you want to get serious about making money online you have to spend money to make money. This video shows you how I made over $600 with a single campaign..

  3. If I do bing ads with click bank. Should the ad take them directly to the page that they give me? I don’t know how to create opt in pages

  4. Ahh man you are hilarious especially when you said “how buy CLA” and ” hurts the ears”. PS: Good Video Man I’ve watched this video more than once.

  5. Kody. Did you have a landing/presell page or did you have the buyer go straight to the affiliate page when they clicked on your ad.

    1. +Philemon Togara I actually just started promoting a maxbounty offer.. I currently have campaign on Bing ads promoting safelink… No $3 signups yet but they should start rolling in soon bc I started this campaign on the 28th of Sept 2018 & got about 55 total clicks and about 2,000+ impressions… im on the 3rd page and set my keywords to broad match at 50 cent cpc. it’s just not converting as of yet but really need to asap bc I’m somewhat gettin annoyed… I spent about 20 bucks so far… Ima let it run all week…

    1. It all depends on how many campaigns you set up. The key is to keep experimenting with new campaigns and find the profitable ones! Some people have seen results the same day of purchasing my course.

  6. Hey kody I’ve been trying to promote the CLA Safflower Oil on maxbounty I’ve tried direct linking and tried using my own landing page on bing ads but they both keep getting disapproved. How did you do direct linking because they are usually way more strict with direct linking but now days they are super strict direct linking and even having a landing page. Can someone please help me or give me some tips or something Thanks

    1. Kody Knows its all good now they have finally approved it if you still wanna see my page here it is clafatburneroil.com
      Another question are you still doing direct linking

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