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in this video I share with you an affiliate marketing program that has paid me over half a million dollars in only 7 months.

Affiliate marketing is an awesome way to make money online. High ticket affiliate programs like the one I show you here allow you to skyrocket your earnings by getting bigger commissions.

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41 Replies to “Affiliate Marketing Program That Paid Me Over $500,000 In 7 Months”

  1. Don’t forget to pay your quarterly estimated taxes or you’re going to have a HUGE tax bill next year! Congrats on all your success! Keep it going.

    1. Agha Muzahir Hussain, CICP Jason Walter is absolutely correct. A successful business can be easily destroyed when Taxes have not been incorporated into the business plan and treated properly. When you pay your estimated taxes, if you over paid at the end of the year, when you file your return, you would receive a refund of the over-payment and you will not be penalized by the company. The IRS requires business owners to pay their estimated Taxes quarterly. Otherwise, you will receive a penalty along with the HUGE Tax bill if you didn’t comply with this regulation. -Cheers

    2. vazke133 so all it depends on your business structure Self Employed VS registered business. So it means no taxibility for people outside USA

    3. Agha Muzahir Hussain, CICP  Self-Employed and Registered businesses falls under the same estimated Tax regulation.
      They both have to pay estimated taxes. People outside of USA will need to check with their country Tax Collector Agency and see if there’s any treaty in place and how they manage this type of businesses and their Tax liabilities. If you are doing business with the USA, you still need to make sure you are under the Nexus thresholds per state.

    4. vazke133 few states have less tax rates registering companies under that would be good option for tax savings

    1. I haven´t fully checked that out…but LM have real training, no pyramid schemes, no tier levels..the only thing is the upsells but those are pretty good if you´re planning on growing FASTER…afterall the more you invest, the more you get commissions

    2. Emprendedor Actual lmao its a MLM there is no product you promote people to sign up to the website and the training is how to get people to sign up thats how you get paid the only one making true money is the owner

    3. Sorry to bring it to you bud but there’s actually a product, well more than one digital product, they are geared towards training you in social media marketing, and also in both paid and free traffic…..shut your mouth and do your research.

  2. Whatever you decide to share as far as an education, I’ll be looking forward to it Nathan! You’re good people, brother!

  3. Hey I had a question,if we affiliate a High ticket product such as a course etc and if the one who purchased the course, returns it back within the money back period ,will it affect our affiliate commission after it? (Prior to the refund by one who we are marketing)

  4. I got a friend who joined this high ticket affiliate program who was buried in debt. The couch is also a salesperson, of course, they would not tell you that. After she bought the upgrade $2 500 , she was told if she wanted to scale up her business, she needs to buy traffic. It’s an uphill battle for starters if your aim is only to gain money. This is good if you have free traffic and huge following like Nathan or otherwise you need to spend a lot of money for paid traffic. And remember people only buy from people whom they trust. In order to be successful on this, you need to work hard and be willing to put yourself out there like in any business.

    1. The FASTEST way to grow online business right now is to start a YouTube channel. I’ve made 10s of thousands of dollar off YouTube without having huge following of alot of views.

    2. Disagree.

      Why, because I know super affiliates who do only paid traffic and they make on average $20k plus a month. And, why was she buying traffic? Doesn’t make sense.

      Organic vs paid traffic. Please, look those terms up because they are very different. With paid traffic you’re going to be doing things like split testing, building campaigns. Targeted ads. With organic you might start a YT channel, or a blog. With paid you get the results immediately. With organic, it takes time. You don’t need free traffic when you’re doing paid traffic. With organic you do. Again, I know and follow people on Affiliate sites that do $20k plus and they don’t have a YT channel, or a blog that gets high traffic.

    1. He didn’t lie. He stated he made most of the big money in only 7 months. He didn’t say he had only been with the company for 7 months. He says time and time again that it is not a get rich quick scheme and you have to put in WORK! It takes time to build your business. He was showing you that the results of his putting in massive efforts have finally paid off big in the past 7 months.

  5. Brilliant video, Nathan! Affiliate marketing business is extremely one way to create money online. As I started, I did a thorough research and attended some webinars and training for me to fully understand the whole concept and to hone my skills in this business. I also had been with many programs for this marketing and glad that you share this with us as my new way to earn more money and increase my commissions!

    1. So many possibilities and opportunities for everyone even beginners. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to learn, Rachel!

    2. I truly admire you, Rachel! You never stop believing and always open to learning more skills and knowledge!

  6. Nathan u take care this game I’ve been involved in hasnt been just that fun between all the devices being locked up and the ones playing it’s well I’m out of here hope the ones playing had fun .. but let them no the jas will be back to play just going to go for a white tell the hore Jennifer lobb and sisy boy soon

  7. Nathan, I just invested in the Builder Master Class. And I got started by watching your videos. I’ll be beginning to drive traffic next week and am so excited! Thank you 🙏🏻

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