Want marketing tips to grow your business this year?

Today, I'm sharing the 10 best marketing strategies for 2018.

These are the 10 strategies I'm most excited about this year. Plus, some of my smartest marketing friends are using them too.

If you work in marketing, own a business, or want to start a business, you'll love these strategies.

After 17 years helping businesses grow (like Facebook, Mint, and AppSumo), I've seen a whole bunch of trends. And I know what's likely to stick or disappear.

To help you focus on what works, here are my 10 biggest marketing strategies for 2018:

0:10 Why YouTube is gonna be even bigger
0:50 LinkedIn will be more important than Facebook or Twitter
1:25 Affiliate marketing (it's now 10%+ of our company revenue)
2:52 Owning a Facebook group for maximum attention
3:14 Micro-influencer marketing — inexpensive and effective
4:07 Easier viral marketing
4:56 Better email autoresponders
5:46 The next content upgrade: Free software
7:00 Marketing tool recommendation from the founder of ConversionXL
7:35 A second marketing tool recommendation (from the CEO of HubSpot)

Enjoy, and leave a comment below with the marketing strategies YOU'RE trying in 2018.


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33 Replies to “2018 Best Marketing Strategies”

  1. Affiliates are great and all, but they do virtually nothing. If an affiliate ever calls themselves an entrepreneur… Lmao.

    1. That’s just stupid opinion. For example Wirecutter is affiliate website (sold for $30 million two years ago) and if that’s not entrepreneurial venture/business, then lmao to you.

    1. I work in the mortgage business so targeting business professionals on LinkedIn is huge. I’m also going to look into the legality of affiliate marketing in the mortgage business since there are such strict regulations on how we can market.

  2. Awesome content! Trying to get my saas business off the ground. I will be using sumo.

    BTW love how you give video time to almost everyone in your company. I feel like I know who everyone is. You’re not just making yourself into a brand but you’re bringing your people up with you. Mad respect!

    1. I plan to use YOUTUBE more this year. It’s pretty tough with all the editing though, but I really want to get our message across and believe it is the best way to do it.

    2. I’m curious about YouTube but my strategy for 2018 is simple: create consistent content (moving from hobby blogger to serious blogger), learn more about my audience (achieve product/market fit), and follow Email1K. If I end this year with 1k email subscribers I’m throwing a huge bash. For now, just executing and taking action is already producing results. Fingers crossed for a good year!

    3. Usual advice is to start your YT channel in your own name – Should a YouTube Channel be built using your name or brand in 2018?

  3. Awesome stuff, Noah. About youtube I have a strategy to create 2 types of content: 1.- inspirational(via interviews with people who my audience will find inspiring, motivating, people who know how to “dig deep” ) and 2.- useful (tips and “how to do” stuff that’s relevant to my target audience, like how to pick the right running shoe, how to change a flat tire, etc)

    1. Forgot to add, that I’m also making a v-log with my experiences building Dig Deep (and training for races like ironmans, ultras, etc) – Hugo

  4. Noah love it! Can I please humbly ask for PG content production in the future? Actually, show these to our children.

    1. I would prefer PG too even though the kids aren’t watching. No reason for profanity. Love the content though!!

  5. Dude my tip for the year is go RETRO and pick up the phone…. talk to some humans…. reactivate old clients, overdeliver to existing clients…. it’s a thing….. it’s a thing..

  6. Hey @noah I think an awesome email software could be one that will ONLY SEND the email to a person when their inbox is open. Meaning: “Send this email when someone is actually checking their email”. Can you imagine the open rates for that!!!

  7. Funnelytics.io is helping visualize funnels. Not really a marketing strategy, more-so part of one but might become an integral part of it for us if they continue to improve the features and platform.

  8. Another good way is to join slack groups that surround a certain topic. Provide some value and then if it fits recommend some of your own content to answer a question.

  9. Awesome channel, I just stumbled onto it the other day. Top notch quality, looking forward to future releases!

  10. If you’re looking into Influencer marketing, you can find more ways to optimize it, one way is through the use of auditing tools such as *influencer auditor* to maximize influencer find and avoid fake influencers

  11. This year been diving into alot of Jay Abraham and his referral strategies… Basically even when he signs someone up he asks for a referral and just has alot of referral strategies. Thanks for these tips legend.

  12. Here is a good informative video. We also have some of our personal videos that individuals have done, and are starting out on wanting to genuinely help people grow their businesses as well. We are seeking new ideas and hope that we can give this sort of genuine advice. In the event that you got some time, take a peek at ours and inform us what you think.

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