Emails are one of the most valuable assets when it comes to marketing. Companies like Amazone and Overstock make a large portion of their revenue from emails.
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There are two main ways I capture more emails:

1. Exit popups – whether you love or hate them, they work. It's one of the most effective ways to collect emails. Through Hello Bar you can collect emails using exit popups for free.

To boost your numbers with your exit popup, make sure you use an animated gif in the background.

2. Content upgrades – this is a way to give users more information on a blog post they are reading. If someone is reading a blog post about email marketing, your content upgrade would be a cheatsheet for email marketing tactics.

A content upgrade needs to be related to your blog post and you'll want to place it within the first few paragraphs of your blog post.

To create content upgrades you can use Hello Bar for free to accomplish this.

So what are you waiting for? Test out the two tactics above, they work! It's how I've generated 700,000 emails.

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44 Replies to “2 Ways to Grow Your Email List FAST (How I Captured 700,000 Emails)”

  1. Hello Neil great video. Hello bar and pop up are used at the same time or we have to choose one of them?

    1. Yes they still work on mobile really well. Just show them 20 or 30 seconds AFTER someone is on your website. You can use to do this.

  2. Thanks!! You’re short, quick and to-the-point tips are incredible. I greatly appreciate it 👍

  3. hi Neil, great concise content once again. Would you have any advice for “text to join” capabilities? i.e. consumers using text to sign up, have a brochure sent to them via text etc sort of automated marketing. could this replace/grow quicker than email marketing?

    1. It can, you just have to be careful and not to be too aggressive with the texting. I use tatango for my texting.

  4. Neil thanks for being awesome once agin! One quick question. Regarding the newsletter format I have seen lately many established websites including yours, using the format of a simple email (just text, no images, no formating). Do you have learning that this works better than an email that’s more intensive in design formatting in terms of click through rate?

    1. Yes this causes emails to avoid the gmail promotions tab a bit more. No guarantee you won’t be in there, but not using images helps a lot.

  5. Hi Neil, I installed the Hellobar – unfortunately it doesn’t work well, when you try to type in your name using an iPad. Maybe you guys could fix this bug?

  6. Many thanks Neil. We are launching our Kickstarter project in days. Your video channel is very important, useful. Can I ask some questions?

  7. went to your site and it would not let me create an account…had an error sign

  8. Neil , what is the best way to collect email newsletter signups through wordpress by popups on first visit?

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