How to make money by landing clients with Pinterest. Believe it or not Pinterest is a POWERHOUSE when it comes to traffic. A lot of the big name bloggers use Pinterest to drive free traffic to their blog and there is a HUGE opportunity for you to cash in by helping them. I wanted to break down with 4 easy to follow steps how to make money on Pinterest. You’ll even learn how to get Pinterest followers. Even if you’re a beginner at Pinterest marketing, this video will break down the simple and easy steps to getting a big following on Pinterest for your clients.

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62 Replies to “$13,000 Per Month On Pinterest [4 Easy Steps]”

  1. If you thought this video was 🔥 share it on Twitter, Facebook or Reddit… Let’s take over YouTube together. 📈

    1. Many thanks, I been tryin to find out about “how to be an affiliate marketer for amazon” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Neyameron Xiydeline Method – (just google it ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my buddy got great results with it.

  2. Man….I can’t thank you enough. Your MapsMentor is a game changer for me at least. Just need to apply and land my first client. You’ve provided fantastic money making free content to the world and I wish you nothing but the best. Best channel I’ve seen in the longest.

    1. Yup Keep Studying ..I’ve watched this one 3 times on #4.. it’s all about setting yourself up for branding and passive income on automation.. building your “empire” i.e., audience., “following” .. KEEP STUDYING GUYS <33

  3. HE told everything except the tool which he uses to automate the process.
    Classic make money get rich scheme.
    Getting work on Upwork is not that easy.
    No one will hire you unless you have good reviews.
    Does anybody know which tool was he using to automate the pinterest ?

    1. I heard users of Boarboaster are being suspended by Pinterest .. I mean their accounts are being suspended. Pinterest doesn’t like automation so I’m not sure if this video is really helpful.

    2. The automation part is bringing everything back to your clickable items either on your blog or links.. you guys look up clickbank.. THERE’s ALOT too this.  How people make money on their blogs is simply by affiliate marketing.. you can google that too ;D  Good luck, you have to study! <:D

    3. I figured it out already.
      He’s using ‘board commander’ which is temporarily unavailable top new clients.

    1. Well if people know this then it might incline them to stay followed.. and this way you find out who is really interested and who isn’t.. is kinda how i’m understanding it.<33  Hmm Paul could probably explain this better, if you see this Paul.... thanks!  Ps it takes a few times watching this video to even begin to understand if you are new to Network Marketing and Automation of passive income. I've been studying Good luck!

  4. Awesome video james!!. Be sure to check out the FreeeUp channel. They’re a great resource for finding freelance opportunities as well. We also got Pinterest Clients on our marketplace

  5. Great video and very informative ,but what tool did you use to automate follow/ nofollow on Pinterest?

    1. looks like it’s called board commander, looks shady, he’s probably ready to make a push to sell you that software that’s why he won’t mention it. tons of affiliate marketers promoting it. by the way, their youtube channel appears to be banned, so don’t bother with it

  6. Oh boy….at first it wasn’t entirely clear whether you’re hiring other people to do the marketing work on Pinterest or I’m doing it myself. I understand now, but please be extremely clear on the instructions for beginners!

    1. I’m so down. Old channel got hacked and deleted. Had 185 subs 6k channel views. I’m about to start back up. Let’s talk?

  7. Paul, I have a Pinterest account in the internet marketing niche with over 30K followers with lots of group boards. Would you be interested in buying the account?

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